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ARMA has a special approach to the services it provides by Integrating its I-A-T Philosophy. Integrity, Accuracy, and Timeliness Bottom line.With over 10 years of experience in providing Guidance, Support, Medical Coding, Billing and Educational Services in Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Dermatology, & Behavior Health. ARMA is Fully Equipped to service all of your Medical Reimbursement needs. We carry extensive Knowledge in Working with all Models of Healthcare including Capitated Plans, Fee For Service, PPO's, HMO's, as well as MCO's, MSO’s, and ACO’s.

We provide avenues on how to add and Manage additional revenue to your Practice almost instantly! ARMA can assist you with maximizing your Revenue efficiently. We have experience with ALF's, SNF's, Acute Rehab Facilities, Hospital, ER, Observations, Inpatient, Consults, Office E/M, to new and Booming Procedures like Chronic Care Management, Principal Care Management, Transitional Care Management, Advanced Care Planning, Vaccines, Injections and all of your Traditional Services.

ARMA also provides the key to never missing out on your Bonuses again by implementing Quality Measures into tasks and conducting Quality Measure Reviews. HEDIS,CAPS,HOS,MRA,MIPS will never be missed with ARMA services.

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Front End Approach

Everything Starts in the Front.

ARMA will integrate the IAT approach and Provide Eligibility &

 Prior Auth services while creating a System to Guarantee 100% accuracy of all Eligibility

Prior to rendering services.

ARMA will ensure that all Front End Operations from data entry to proper use of EMR 

are educated to staff. We can also provide front end consultations to improve office flow.


Denial and Appeals

Our Certified Professional Coders and Billers and extensively trained to handle all of your Denials and Appeals with the Integration of IAT. We will engage with the payers for your Revenue. ARMA will find and manage all negative trends and create a plan to concisely improve operations. All Denials and Appeals will be help to a timely standard within 48 hours to ensure proper payment. 

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Quality Measures

ARMA specializes in Unique Techniques to Guarantee a “5 STAR” with your HMO contracts. We take your reports for HEDIS, MRA,CAPS,HOS and utilize our tools and connections with our communities and partners to promote and provide all of the essentials needed to achieve “5 STAR” status. Special packages tailored to your office and your patients. MIPS,MACRA experience. Never miss your Bonus again!


Coding & Auditing

ARMA provides a unique service by scrubbing all claims before they are sent off to the billing

team by posting, reviewing, and auditing your Coding and Documentation. We ensure a 

48 hour posting to obtain constant revenue. An example of the IAT approach is Quality Measures which are 1 of the most important Aspects of Managed Care and is captured appropriately at this time.


Posting and Revenue Management

ARMA does posting, we manage and track proper payment reimbursement. We conduct reporting and reconciliations daily, weekly, and monthly. Posting is key to keeping a good account of your A/R and other key elements to keep accurate and up to date DATA on your Practices Performance.

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Chronic Care and Principal Care Management

CCM and PCM are sure to get your practice instant Revenue Increase for services you are surely offering already!  ARMA can get you set up with this Model of Care from start to finish, whether its Coding and Billing to providing the billable services. We are here and in the now and we have the knowledge and resources to get you personal CCM or PCM model started.

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ARMA will submit all claims in a timely fashion while scrubbing all claims using the IAT approach.

Appropriate use of CPT, ICD, and Modifiers are key to Accurate, and Timely Clean Claims. We here at ARMA pride ourselves in CLEAN CLAIMS services with our IAT model.

Market Analysis

Statements and Collections

From Patient statements to Collections ARMA has a solution. We send statements to your patients and arrange payment plans and collections using our IAT model. We always provide exceptional customer service solutions while easing the burden on your office staff.

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ARMA's unique "Ask the Expert function is one of our showpieces.

By being able to offer this function we can guarantee that we are always available to our clients honoring our core value and mission to provide Integrity,Accuracy, and Timeliness in this ever changing healthcare field.

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